Hi, I'm Puzzak!
I am photographer, junior programmer and geek.
Also a dreamer, creator and lover of rain and books.
So... Who am I?
I always wander in the clouds and dream of something unattainable.
Sometimes this is something unattainable only now.
I do my best to make my dreams come true.
My world is full of “pink sentiments”, I am easily impressed and very emotional about everything.
My life is full of references, and they all mean a lot to me.
As example, the text on this page is in the color of my eyes.
I often create something.
At first it was just training, but I am not ashamed to share with the world even what is not yet perfect.
After all, only by grinding mastery, you can become the best.
I still have not figured out what this means, but I'm definitely a geek - I love technology, I understand them.
In addition, I, as Peter Parker or as Peter Quill, have a strong connection with pop culture of all time.
The man of rain
There are people who are sad when it rains outside.
I live rain.
I love rain.
When there is a storm, lightnings rattle and hail sprinkles, only then I am truly alive.
Stereotypical British
Despite the fact that I am Ukrainian, I am largely a stereotypical British.
Calm in life and very stormy in thoughts, loyal, mannered and love “rituals”.
Like, for example, a tea party in front of a fireplace, wrapped in a blanket and listening to the sound of rain outside the window.
Soul in the north
Whatever it was, but I dream of a house in a mountain village, with beautiful views and constant fog, strong winters and the celebration of Midsommar with friends.
Public person
I have nothing to hide.
I am open to everyone and share everything I can.
I like to give presents, but I like to receive them.
Always in the center of a party, even virtual or one on which there is only me.
I read a lot of books in childhood, I continue to read now.
This is one of my happy childhood memories - how I killed my eyesight with a flashlight and a book under the covers.
I love literature, I know a lot of verses and I understand dozens of universes.
Music lover
I listen to many genres, but I hate Russian rap.
I love psychedelics and trance.
In general - what else to expect from the son of a DJ.
Of course, this is just the tip of the iceberg... But -